4 Wellness Products That Actually Work

Determined to improve your life performance? These 4 products are truly worth the investment

Grant G. Leonard


I caught the biohacking bug shortly after recovering from an ACL surgery. As a lifelong athlete, being injured or sick is the worst. I hate not being able to perform at the highest efficiency possible, so after tearing my ACL, I became determined to use my injury to evolve. I became obsessed with taking my body to the next level. I invested in fitness, nutrition, and recovery like never before because I not only wanted to crush Spartan Races, but I also wanted my training to influence my performance at work and in my overall lifestyle. Years after starting this journey of “hacking” my biology, here are the 4 tools that have made the most noticeable impact on my performance and thus have become integral to my wellness routine.

Bat Mode

I took this photo when “I was inverted — Maverick — me

I hang upside in my Teeter Fitness inversion table. A well placed ad read on Bulletproof Radio helped me discover this biohacking tool and I am so happy I converted. It has had tremendous physical AND mental benefits for me. Physically, it has provided relief after heavy lifting, ice hockey, or other high impact activities. It decompresses the low spine, which relieves tension in so many surrounding areas. Some have even asked me if I’ve gotten taller since I started using it, and while I haven’t hit a growth spurt, regular inversion has made a noticeable impact on my overall posture and alignment. Mentally, it’s so calming and peaceful. No matter how stressed, anxious, or angry I may be, I find immediate enlightenment when I invert. Meditative states are paramount in my wellness routine, and “Bat Mode” is a close favorite with cold showers. Presence is extra important when the body is upside down; you really have to dial into your breath, especially in the early moments when your body is basically like “yo why the f*** are you upside down?” Believe it or not, inverting is my favorite way to relax each day! And at this point you’re probably wondering why I call it “Bat Mode.” Well, think about it. How do bats hang out? And, one time when I was inverted, I took a phone call from my friend and he asked “are you hanging upside down like a bat right now?” And that comparison stuck because Bat Mode just sounds awesome to me…